In the 'normal modus' the time use per activity is automatically shown. In the 'expert modus' it is possible to get information on not just the length of an activity (you can find more information about this herebut also the length of the time spent at different places or with different people. These last two are called the context variables. When making tables, it is possible to choose between two context variables, 'Place' and 'With whom'. 'Place' gives and idea about the time spent at a specific place, while 'With whom' refers to the length of time spent with different interaction partners. This information was noted in the diaries at most activities. In contrary to the activities, the context variables are not divided into several levels.

'Place' is divided into the following categories:
  • At home
  • Secondary accommodation
  • Workplace, school, university
  • House of other people
  • Restaurant, cafe or bar
  • Other place
  • On the way
  • Unknown place
'With whom' is divided into the following categories:
  • Alone
  • With members of the family
  • With other people, not family
  • With members of the family and other people (not family)
  • Sleep
  • No answer

Comment: Please note that it was not possible to register with whom the respondents were when they were sleeping. This means that we can provide no information on the presence of others during this activity.