FPS Science Policy - BRAIN-be

BRAIN-be or Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks is the first phase (2012-2017) of a recurrent framework programme which allows, through the funding of research projects based on scientific excellence and European and international anchorage, to meet the needs for scientific knowledge of the Belgian federal departments and to support the scientific potential of the Federal Scientific Institutions.


The strategic goals of the BRAIN-be program were defined in function of federal priorities and visions (both on scientific and policy level). These goals are as follows:

  • Encourage a coherent scientific policy in the Federal Scientific Institutions (FSI) and support and strengthen scientific excellence;
  • Encourage access to the scientific potential, infrastructure and the collections available in the frame of FSIs
  • Fit the research potential to the needs of society;
  • Provide the needed scientific knowledge  for the preparation, execution and evaluation of federal policies and strategies and particularly for the transversal subjects in more departments;
  • Provide scientific support for the forming of Belgian strategy in different international policy development processes;
  • Developing and reaching a critical group of researchers for priority subjects which can strengthen the impact of federal research;
  • ...

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