DG Statistics

Directorate-general Statistics - Statistics Belgium

Statistics Belgium is a part of the Federal Governmental Office Economy, SME, and Energy (Federal Overheidsdienst Economie, KMO, Middenstand en Energie). The goal of this institution is to collect data needed for governmental, company or private purposes and provide this data through the collection of actual numbers about the current state of the country.

Relevant statistics are essential for all these groups to be able to create ground for constructive debate, efficient planning and goal-oriented actions. Besides, students and researchers need statistical resources to be able to build up knowledge. The information that they provide touches many domains: climate, population, society, economy, finance, agriculture, industry, transportation, services, information society. this list already shows how wide range of statistics the office provides. On http://statbel.fgov.be you can find an extensive list of their statistics and publications in downloadable form.

Address information

Directorate-general Statistics - Statistics Belgium
Koning Albert II-laan 16
1000 Brussels

E-mail: statbel@economie.fgov.be
Website: http://statbel.fgov.be